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AC Preventive Maintenance

AC Preventive MaintenanceAC Preventive Maintenance


Benefits Of All The All Star Preventive Maintenance Agreement:


AC Preventive Maintenance-Save Money on Utility Bills.

Dirty filters and coils can reduce efficiency by as much as 25-30%. This increases the time the system has to run to maintain the required temperature. Energy Consumption, wear, and tear on equipment increase.


Prolong The Life Expectance Of Your System:

The average life expectancy of a heating system is now 7-9 years. Unfortunately, this is due mainly to the lack of maintenance. A regularly scheduled ac preventive maintenance program can increase the life expectancy of your equipment by many years.


Help Prevent Major Failures:

Minor problems such as bad fan belts, loose electrical connections, burned relay contacts, not enough Freon, un-lubricated motors and bearings, all could contribute to a premature major failure on your heating and air conditioning system.


All Safety Controls Are Checked thus Giving You “Peace Of Mind”

Any controls that deal with either gas or electricity needs to be thoroughly inspected periodically.


Preferential Scheduling Of Service Calls:

As a  AC Preventive Maintenance Agreement customer, you are a preferred customer. This entitles you to  PRIORITY SERVICE  over -Preventive Maintenance Agreement customers.


Discount On Parts:

As a  AC Preventive Maintenance Agreement customer, you will receive a 10% Discount on any repair part needed to make your unit operational. (This does not include major components such as a compressor or heat exchanger.)


Improve The Comfort Of Your Home With An AC Preventive Maintenance Program:

When Your unit is cooling and de-humidifying properly with clean filters, your home will have less dust, dirt,  and mildew problems. Your family will be more comfortable, and will be living in a healthier environment.

All Star Heating & A/C Company:

You benefit from dealing with a reputable company. We have been recognized by the major Home Warranty Companies as a premier service provider, and have been servicing and repair home comfort systems in South Carolina for over 24 years. Most importantly, we look out for your interest. No warranty call will every be denied for lace of maintenance. That’s our guarantee.


Answers To Some Questions You May Have About Your All Star Preventive Maintenance Agreement:

What is an All Star AC Preventive Maintenance Agreement:

An ALL STAR AC Preventive Maintenance Agreement is a maintenance program designed to maintain your heating and air conditioning equipment in top operating condition. If your equipment is maintained in top condition it will operate safely, dependably and efficiently, resulting in  peace of mind, savings on utility bills, and protection of the investment in your heating and air conditioning system.

Our AC Preventive Maintenance Agreement consists of the following:

1. Two inspections per year (One Heating and One Cooling)

2. 24 hour emergency service, 7 days a week

3. Preferential call scheduling

4. Free 1/2 hour emergency call

5. 10% discount on any parts needed for repairs

6. Change filters at both inspections

7. Clean coils on Cooling inspections

8. Add Freon to air conditioner if needed (up to 5 lbs)

9. V-belt if required on your system

10. Lubricate moving parts


What is the term Of An AC Preventive Maintenance Agreement?

The term is 24 months, except for the first year. All Maintenance Agreements expire on March or September 1. the fist year will be less then 12 months unless you purchased the agreement in Marh or September, but you will receive the same amount of service. This allows scheduling the heating inspection in September, October, and November before the peak heating season, and scheduling the cooling inspection in March, April, and May before the peak cooling season. This way you unit is in top condition for the time you need it most.


Does my AC Preventive Maintanance Agreement Cover Parts And Labor?

Yes and No. The labor and material needed to perform the inspections IS included. This includes filters, belts, Freon ( up to 1 lb), oil, grease, and coil cleaner. Parts and labor for repairs are NOT included, but you receive a 10% discount on parts, because you are a AC Preventive Maintenance Agreement customer, plus 25% discount on labor if applicable. Please note: (A major component such as a compressor or heat exchanger is NOT considered as a discounted part)


How Do I get Service If I have a Problem:

With your AC Preventive Maintenance program, we provide service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Call us anytime, night or day, and get service. During the day, one of our service secretaries will take your call. After hours our answering service will row your call and have one of our service technicians, who is on call, contact you about your problem. If you call after hours, please have your CONTRACT NUMBER  and CONTRACT EXPIRATION DATE available.

What is Preferential Scheduling?

With your AC Preventive Maintenance program, this means customers with our ac preventive maintenance program get service first. You, as an ac preventive maintenance customer have put your trust in us to maintain your equipment. We express our loyalty to you by giving you the best service we possible can, and that includes taking care of your problems before the customers who do not have our ac preventive maintenance program.


What Brands Of Heating And Air Conditioning Do You Service?

No. This is scheduled automatically. If you have a preference of date and or time you want the inspection done, please let us know. If we have not contracted you and you want us to d your call please feel free to call the office, and we will be glad to schedule your call at your convenience.


When Do I Pay And Service Time:



We service ALL makes. All Star is independent of any larger company. It is a locally owned company . We sell several different brands and service  ALL makes. This lets us give you what you need, rather then “pushing” a particular brand that may not need your needs or budget.


Do I have To Set Up My Heating And Cooling Inspection?

Payment is required in advance. This is usually in March or April and October or November. Also For your convenience, you are welcome to call us a few days in advance of y0ur regular serving for what day works best for you. Only you, as the customer, know what will be convent to your schedule. let us know when your next ac preventive maintenance is convent for you.

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