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Air Conditioning Contractor

Why is it important to for a reputable air conditioning contractor?

If your AC system fails, there are huge chances that you’ll not be able to detect where exactly the fault lies. Similarly, if you want a modern AC system installed in your premises, you’ll not be in a position to do it yourself-due to obvious reasons.

Air conditioning contractors offer professional services to their clients by abiding by all the safety rules and by applying the latest technology in their line of duty. Armed with years of experience, they are known to give essential maintenance tips to their clients in an effort to ensure that everyone- i.e the client, the technician and the employer-benefits in one way or the other.

How Do I Choose An Air Conditioning Contractor?

I’m sure you’re eager to gain some tips on how to pick the best man for the job. Below are 5 ‘golden nuggets,’ that will come in handy in your search efforts.

How to find a professional AC contractor

*Qualified and Licensed Air Conditioning Contractor

Licensure, accreditation and relevant qualifications are the three most basic factors to consider while looking for reliable AC services. Please note that while enquiring about your favorite contractor’s level of training and experience, you may want to first clear any doubts by doing some independent research. To accomplish this, be sure to learn more about what different forms of licensure and accreditation mean. The following organizations are known to offer AC technician certifications.

UA Star

Be sure to identify the criteria of licensing used by each of these organizations for greater peace of mind.

*Positive Referrals

Any reputable contractor out there will be more than willing to share their reviews and customer testimonials with their potential clients. If your preferred provider fails to do this or the available comments and ratings suggest otherwise about them, it’s time to shift your radar elsewhere.

*Willing to provide Estimates and Accessible at all times

Professional AC contractors will be available to examine your project before providing the estimates. Apart from offering competitive charges for their services, they’ll be more than willing to provide clear avenues for you to channel your comments, grievances or compliments whenever you wish.


You will want to ensure that your preferred contractor carries both general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance covers to cater for all possible risks during the execution of the contract.

*Written Agreement

Ask for a written document specifying the cost of all fees, date of the contract, labor, potential future fees, equipment, payment due dates etc. Most importantly, before you append your signature, be sure to read and understand every provision made in the agreement form.

All Star Heating & Air Conditioning easily meets all of the above criteria and with over 30 years of experience All Star can be your air conditioning contractor for many years to come.

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