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Air Oasis Nano HCT 9″ Induct Benefits

Air Oasis Nano HCT 9″ Induct Benefits



Eliminates Odors From

cleaning chemicals
and more.

Quickly Reduces Contaminates

odor causing VOC’s
and other aeroallergens…

Energy Efficient

Many air purifiers on the market use 100 Watts or more of electricity. Other  Air Oasis nano HCT 9″ Benefits are that it uses less electricity than a 45-Watt light bulb, saving you money and saving the environment every day.
Placement Options

They can be mounted in either the supply side or return side of your HVAC system. Place the nano Induct within 10 feet of an electrical outlet. To help you determine the optimal placement we listed a few examples:

above coils to reduce mold and bacteria growth on the coils.
reduce contaminants in ductwork by mounting the nano Induct in the plenum on the supply side of the HVAC system.
in large commercial applications air becomes re-contaminated as it travels through the ductwork. Therefore we designed this extremely compact unit to give you the ability to mount several nano Induct units throughout the ductwork.
reduce airborne contaminants in a room by installing the nano Induct within 10 feet of the air outlet vent supplying the air to the room being treated.

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