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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps deal with heat transport. Usually, according to the laws of heat it moves from the warmer areas to cooler areas spontaneously. The main feature of this type of pump is it can make the reverse of it possible. Therefore we can define a heat pump as not a generator of heat but as an electrical tool which absorbs or extracts heat from one particular place and gets it transferred to some other. It’s obvious that it is not a recently introduced technology, but in existence since many years. Heat pump is been put in use in United State and spread into many parts of the world for years.

All About Heat Pumps

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump works concentrating on two important processes i.e. evaporation and condensation. It operates in such a way that transferring heat by spreading a material form known as refrigerant by going through above two processes. It also has two coils which exchanges heat. With the help of a compressor, the refrigerant can be pumped between the two above mentioned coils. The evaporation process of refrigerant to extract heat from surrounding environment takes place in one coil, while the condensation process happens to be done in the other coil to release the absorbed heat in the first coil.

The interesting thing to note here is the above procedure is completely reversible according to climate and conditions. Hence, these can provide you to control the climate of your home such as get heated in winter season whereas cooling in hot season. Because of the fact that the outside air and flat land constantly produce some heat the above can happen.

Different Types Of Heat Pumps:

The basic and widely used kind of heat pump is air-to-air heat pump. And it is again divided into two as

  1. Packaged heat pumps
  2. Split system heat pumps

We can point out another type here that is water-to-air heat pump and is also known as geothermal pump.

And finally there is also another type which is called duel fuel heat pump. These types are most useful in extreme freezing areas.

The installation of these pumps can be done anywhere in the Charleston Metro area with the help of All Star Heating & Air Conditioning.

To summarize, heat pumps are very effective and efficient systems for heating and cooling.  Energy costs can be decreased considerably with their usage.

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