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My Central Air Conditioner Will Not Turn On Charleston Summerville Mt Pleasant

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It’s always better to check all the details and have good knowledge about a central heating and air equipment before investing on it.  It helps you in availing the comfort and the energy efficiency which you expected and actually paid for.

Here is a brief description of some of the basic things you should to be aware about central heating and air conditioning system and equipment. This will certainly help you in avoiding the common mistakes which generally homeowners commit while purchasing a heating and conditioning equipment.

Central Heating And Air Repair Tips

Know more about Energy Saving Claims

Most of the homeowners are swayed by the claims of 50% energy savings made by different central heating and air repair companies. However, the reality is that only a few homeowners are able to save that on their monthly electricity bills after purchasing a new system.  There are also some people who don’t even save a dime after the installation of a new air conditioning or heating system on their electricity bills.

Some of the major reasons due to which homeowners remain unable to save on their electricity bills include:

  • Selection of a wrong sized system for their home
  • Major deficiencies in the existing duct system
  • Improper installation of the newly-bought unit

Choose the New Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment of the Right Size

While choosing central air conditioning equipment, you should always avoid getting a bigger sized unit. The very first thing is that it is costlier and on top of that, the cost required for its service is also much higher than a smaller unit.  The worst part is that an over sized system is always less comfortable for a home as compared to a small and easy to operate smaller system.

Apart from this, a bigger unit mostly makes the existing non-uniform temperature problems of your home worse. An over-sized system won’t evenly heat or cool all the rooms. It also wears out sooner and not even reaches its rated laboratory efficiency. For picking a right sized system or unit for your lovely home, the best way is to take the help of a contractor to perform a computerized sizing Calculation.

Get all the Hidden Faults in Your Home’s Existing Ductwork Diagnosed and Repaired

You must ensure that all the problems of your home’s ductwork are checked and repaired before the installation of a new system. The ductwork mainly refers to the complex network of pipes that helps in carrying the air from and to the furnace of the home which is also called as the air handler. So, it’s recommended to repair all the hidden problems in order to get the best efficiency of the brand new system.

Check and Ensure the Unit is Installed Properly

To ensure the proper installation of your newly-bought system, you should always take the help of a well trained and professional technician who has in depth knowledge about central heat and air conditioning units.

Apart from this, you should also check that your new central air conditioning and heating system has the required refrigerant gas. For proper installation, you should check you’re your contractor makes correction for the internal volume and length of copper lines in your system.

Last, but not the least, you should make sure that the poisonous and dangerous exhaust gases from oil and gas furnaces and heaters are properly vented out of your home. For this, your contractor performs commissioning tests, and Carbon Monoxide production tests of the central heating and air system.

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